Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Light

Have you ever struggled with things and then you figure out the answer much later. Like how the heck does bread end up in the bag. I know the answer, I watch How It's Made.

I have had questions about things my whole life. I think it is because I have ADD and I think about 100 things at a time.

Why did my mom and my dad have to both die from cancer? Why did I end up divorced? Why is there so much abuse, so much unhappiness, war. The list could go on for hours.

I have struggled with reasons that things happen and why they happen. Why someone does something and it hurts others instead of them.

Life does not seem fair sometimes, and I don't have the answers why.

But I do believe that things happen for a reason. All things. But I don't know why and someday I will have many questions that will be answered.

So, today I was at a meeting, and the light went on. A conversation from over 15 years ago finally made me realize what the person was trying to tell me.

Something that happened over four years ago, was not my fault, and I realize that.

Something that happened last week, happened for a reason, and the meeting I had today HAD to happen for me to realize things.

And the rock that I talked about before. It is starting to make perfect sense.

So, if you are having problems, pray! If you want the answers, start listening, and if all else fails, start believing.

The light will turn on, even if you think it is burnt out.