Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, Glee had its moments, a few

I am not a t.v. critic and I never have been, but PLEASE. Glee, I have been waiting, Facebooking about it, and even blogged here about it, and there were some great moments, but....

Why did you have to have all of the hazing episodes that nothing ever happens to the responsible parties. The in the dumpster, putting the boy in the wheelchair in the porta potty. The paintball etc. In today's world, they would have been taken out of school.

Next, why did they have to show the words that kids wrote on the paper. They showed the words for a mans body part, a rear end and I didn't catch the others.

I have a nine year old that I set my DVR to record the show, but will not let her see that part.

Other than that, they set up a good show. I will watch the show, but I will not for much longer if this keeps up.

The music is good.


Michele Ashman Bell said...

I DVR'd Glee but haven't watched it yet. I saw the first few minutes and was excited they played an Earth, Wind and Fire song at the beginning, my all-time fave. Hope it improves. I'll let you know what I think.