Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music in my Life

Each and every day I listen to music. Music is a very important part of my life. When I hear certain songs, it brings up emotion. That is what I believe music is supposed to do.
I have a habit when I am listening to a cd to start songs over, A LOT. I am so into listening to the lyrics that I just have to hear the words again and again.
I also love great song writers. Michael McLean, Cherie Call, and many others. My favorite of all time is Phil Vassar. Phil Vassar sings songs that I can relate to all of the time. If I am in a low mood, and I need a pick me up, Phil Vassar will be on my ipod, my iphone, my cd or in my head.
I write lyrics and some of my lyrics have made it to a musical and a cd, but I can not write the music. And I can't sing. Oh, but I do sing. When I am alone in the car, I really sing. I sing Cherie Call songs, even if she is singing from a woman's point of view.
In my earlier years, I would listen to Michael McLean CD's when ever I was in a car. Everyday on the way to work, everyday coming home. When someone else was with me, I would listen to the radio. Michael McLean knows how to write songs that touch people. I can relate with so many of his songs. I think sometimes, he must know me and wrote that about me.
Music changes lives. If you listen to good music, you will be fulfilled. You will be better people. I hear some songs and cry, some and laugh out loud. Some bring back childhood memories, and some teen memories. One the song I got married to, and one that I had sang at my mom and step fathers funeral.
So, when you are listening to music today, listen to the words, the thoughts that went into the song, and think how the songs make you feel. If you are not feeling good about what they are saying, change the channel.