Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Step Father, My American Hero

When I was nine years old my mom married my step father. My step father was in the Air Force. He spent 26 years making America safer and I am proud to say that I am an Air Force Brat. When you are a child of an Air Force member Air Force Brat is what they call you.

When I was nine I moved with my step father, mom and sister to Zaragoza Spain. We spent two years there, and then moved to Madrid Spain, the countries capital for two more years.

After that we moved to Columbus Mississippi for two years, and then to Roy Utah where my step father retired from the Air Force as a chief master sergeant.

Most of his career he flew on H53 helicopters. They are known as the Jolly Green Giants because of their massive size. He saved peoples lives. People from pilots that got shot down to civilians that were stranded. He protected our country, and he spent many years in war. He was shot down twice. And he told me that he would do it again, because of the love of his country.

And he gave me that love of my country also.

I know how important this country is. I know that it hurt him to see people that would not take their hats off for the flag. It hurt him when they wouldn’t stand for the National Anthem. And it hurt him when people didn’t show love of their country when the troops came home from wars.

He was hurt while in the military and could have retired, but he kept going. He has more metals that most could ever dream of. He lost over half his hearing during his career.

So on this Memorial Day, I will go to his grave and I will place the American Flag next to his grave, and I will have a chat with him. And thank him for giving me the love of America, and for giving a great dad to look up to, to love and to always remember. CMSGT Win Smith, My American Hero!

On his headstone is a photo of the Jolly Green Giant helicopter!

Below is a 10 minute video of what he did in the US Air Force. God Bless him and all of the others that protect us now and always have.

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Candace E. Salima said...

I thank God every day for the brave men and women who fight to preserve our nation and the Constitution. Thank you to your step-father, Doug. What an amazing man and lesson in patriotism to each of us.

Christine Bryant said...

I love this post, Doug. My father was in the Army and later the National Guard. He served two tours in Viet Nam, so it makes me even more grateful for all those who serve to protect out wonderful nation. They deserve a lot more recognition than they get.

JoAnn Arnold said...

I was touched by the u-tube presentations. My friend's husband served 2 tours in Vietnam as a helicopter rescue pilot. The bravery of these men are unpresidented. Thank you for sharing the experience of your step-father.

Doug Johnston said...

Ladies thanks. My dad was one of the best men ever. He died of esophagus cancer in 2000.

He never missed any of my sporting events, never missed anything I did. He is a true hero.

Doug Johnston said...
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Michele Ashman Bell said...

Thank you for this touching tribute to the fine soldiers who have given and still give so much for our country. My father is a veteran of the Korean War. He is my hero.

I hope we can all pause and express our gratitude for the freedoms and blessings we enjoy, and for the many men and women who fought and still fight for these freedoms.

Beautiful blog.

Bradley + Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing that, Doug. I have a soft spot for soldiers, too.

Sheila said...

What a wonderful post Doug! I am so grateful for those who have served my country so bravely and valiantly. My father, who is 78, served in the Korean War. I gave him a big hug yesterday in thanks.