Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hi Mom

It has been nine months since you left me to go see Heaven. I miss you so much. I wish I could see you in your rocker today. I wish that I could hug you , laugh with you, and take you to the doctor. I wish I could fix your darn remote control everyday like I used to. I miss making your meals, and listening for your alarm to go off.
I miss telling you that you drink way to much Coke and you telling me that you drink way too much water. I am sure I was right on the Coke part.
I have a lot of things to tell you! And because of that I know I will see you again. Oh, do I have a lot to tell you.
Your favorite weather lady is still on the station you love, and they finally got rid of the anchor you couldn't stand. The kids are doing good, and they miss you too.
So, on Mother's Day I was in Arizona, and I thought about you. I cried for you, and I prayed that you were okay.
For the first time in my life, I can honestly tell you that I know you are okay. You are okay because you are with Dad, and you are looking down on me.
I can feel you. I can hear you. Sometimes I wake up in the night, knowing exactly what you are telling me to do.
They say time heals all wounds, but I can never get over you being gone.
So, this year I have tried to smile more, be happier, and finish that darn book that you said the world needed to see. I will finish it, and you will help me along the way with it.
I will always love you mom,

You were the best mom to me. You were always there. I know


Jaime Theler said...

That was sweet! I should write more letters like that.

Brad Anderson said...

9 years? Great letter.

Doug Johnston said...

Brad, thanks, I changed it. Yes, nine months, but seems like nine years at times.