Friday, May 15, 2009

Be Happy Signs

I posted a note on my Facebook status today asking people to help me hold up signs that say, BE HAPPY. Guess how many people have said they would do it. NONE. How many people asked me if it would make them happy, more than zero.

I will make you happy. It will give you joy, and you will give others joy. How many times have you been down and low and you have seen something that made you smile. The kid playing at the park, the rain, the walk, the here it is, the smiling people holding signs that say, BE HAPPY.

If you don't believe that it works, make a cheap sign that says BE HAPPY and hold it up in front of your family, friends, church friends, take a photo of it and put it on your Facebook Status and it will make you smile, and them.

What do you have to lose, a smile.


Cindy Beck said...

Aww, that's too bad that nobody took part. Just to make you feel better though, I posted something on my blog that you'll like.

Seriously, Doug, run over and take a look.