Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On The Road

I have been on the road almost a year. During that year I have been writing a book on trucking. Who would have ever thought that the economy turning bad would put me in a semi, and then give me the opportunity to write about it.
Sometimes when we get down, on ourselves, or our luck, we need to look at the positives. Am I alive? Am I making a living? Am I seeing things I would have never seen if I wouldn't have taken this job with my son?
Forty six states later, and over 400,000 miles between my son and I, we have seen the goods and the bads of the road, and the people.
At first I had no idea why I would have to do this, and now, I know why.
Sometimes we don't need to know the answers right now. Sometimes we just need to sit back and shift all of those gears of the semi, and the gears of life.


JoAnn Arnold said...

Excellent observation and so true. Hope all is going well for you