Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am Not That Old

This was posted last year on another blog. I thought you might like to laugh with me over it.

It all started about four months ago when I took my eight year old daughter to get a get well present for my mom (McKenna's grandma). My mom has been sick for a long time, and four months ago she was in the hospital for the fifth time in 12 months. She got home that day, so we went to a closeout store in Salt Lake City to get her the gift.
McKenna found the perfect gift. It was a stuffed pink poodle, and since my mom has two poodles, we bought it.
After paying for our purchase, we were approaching the exit, and there was a lady sitting at the exit and checking all receipts to make sure no one was stealing.
I didn't have a problem with what the lady was doing, I had a problem with what she said to me. She looked at the stuffed animal, at me and then my daughter, and said, "Sir, that is so nice of you to buy your granddaughter a stuffed animal". My daughter laughed so hard she had tears running down her face, and I, well I had tears in my eyes also, but not of laughter. By the time we got home, my daughter had called all of her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and anyone else she could think of to tell the story.
That night, I had my daughter Chelsea dye my hair, and I shaved off my beard. Only last month, I turned 43.
What happened yesterday, will be post 2 in this series, after I figure out why this person said what he did.
Until then, I will get my walker out, take my Geritol and try to drive the speed limit on the freeway.