Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ground Zero, Freedom Tower?

I really wanted to go see Ground Zero when I went to New York and I got the opportunity. They are now building buildings but it will take many more years before they are completed. It is now projected to be completed in the fall of 2013. Every tour guide we talked to complained about the fighting going on about how much it is going to cost, the time it is taking and how everything keeps getting changed, including in late March the name of the main building.

The tallest building that is going to be built has been called Freedom Tower since 2003, and in last March, it was decided it will be called One World Trade Center. The Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg said not so fast. He likes the Freedom Tower name and said it may be up to the residents to vote on the name. He also has said that 3 BILLION dollars of public money has and will be put into the former Ground Zero sight. The tower, whatever it will be called will stand 1776 feet in the air. The significance of that is that it represents 1776, the year of the Decoration of Independence. It is stated to be 102 stories tall.


Michele Ashman Bell said...

I didn't know about this. I'm so glad you found out about the Freedom Tower and shared those important tidbits. I think our country is forgetting 9/11 and I'm glad this is being erected so we won't forget.

Doug Johnston said...

It was a great experience to go there. I know you are going to NY, if you get a chance to see it you will enjoy it. The only way you can get good photos is to go to the mall that is right there. There is a green lookout area that you will see and just walk over to it.

Bradley + Lisa said...

I went to the top of the old WTC in 1998. It's still weird for me that those buildings are gone. I need to go back and see it.