Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Missed American Idol

I watched every episode of American Idol this season, except the final. Yep, just because I knew that Adam Lambert was going to win. I knew it so much so, that I drove 30 miles away to buy a new set of scriptures.

And then I got the call. My son Nick called me and told me that Kris Allen won American Idol. WOW.

Kris Allen winning would be like the Utah Jazz winning the NBA Championship in its heyday without using Stockton and Malone.

I not only didn't see it, I didn't record it.

Some times in life we think that life is going to turn out one way, and it changes. We think that everything will be fine, and then it goes the other way.

The horse that everyone knew couldn't win, wins.

The President that almost everyone knew wouldn't win.

And Kris Allen. Congrats to him, I hear that the show was great.

This just shows, never give up. Never stop trying.