Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Helping Others Always Helps You in The End

Lately I have been really trying to make other people happy, even if for just a minute. I try to leave a status on Facebook to tell people to have a nice day, or to smile or be happy. I have got to the point that it drives my wife crazy.
We were at a restaurant in Salt Lake City the other day that her aunt owns. After lunch, they were chatting and chatting so I said I was going to go out on the patio and watch people. That is my favorite thing to do by the way.
So after sitting out there for a few minutes a homeless person asked me for a quarter and I gave him a dollar. I know it will probably be used for alcohol but that is not my issue.
Then I saw a man park his car and I walked up to the parking meter and met him with money in my hand. I told him today's parking was on me. He looked at me funny and I smiled. Then I asked him how long he would be and he said thirty minutes, so I put enough in the meter for thirty minutes. Then he said he may be 45 minutes, so I put more in. Then he thanked me and put out his hand. We shook hands and then he looked at me and just said, "why?"
I looked at him and told him, that I was doing a good deed because I knew that he would turn around and do the same for someone else someday. He shook my hand again and said that he would do it again and again.
Then he went into a bail bonds company. He probably had a problem he was going to take care of and I was there to help him have a better day.
Every time I help others, it comes back to me in so many ways. I truly think we could change the world, being kind to others, one person at a time.
How do you help others, I would love to hear them?


Bradley + Lisa said...

That's cool! You're better than I am. I scowl at people and never give panhandlers any money. Sounds like I have some work to do!