Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I first heard about the new t.v. show Glee a few months ago. It was talked about in a trade journal that I was reading on an airplane. I though, was a great idea for a show. But the trade journal didn't think a high school show that gets the misfits and the wannabes together to sing and dance could make a good show.

Then a few weeks ago the Fox Network started advertising it during American Idol and I thought they really had a good shot at a great show.

Tonight they are having the pilot episode shown right after the final of American Idol. This is a very huge move for Fox and for Glee. And a risky one. Risky because the new season is a couple of months away. Unless the pilot is VERY GOOD, people will quit talking about it and the show may go away before it starts.

I have read a lot of the reviews from t.v. critics from newspapers, magazines and online and almost everyone of them say Fox has a huge hit on their hands.

I am hoping, waiting and wanting this show to be a success. I have acted in musicals, co-wrote one, and love them. I hope others will like this show also.

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Michele Ashman Bell said...

We've been waiting with much anticipation for Glee. I have been hearing a lot about it and hope, like you, that it's as good as the critics say it is. Not like I need another show to get addicted too! I'll watch for your reaction.