Friday, June 5, 2009

Broadway shows!

I saw some Broadway shows while in New York. And I will tell you about them below.

9 to 5 the musical. 9 to 5 is headlined by the great actress Allison Janney. I loved Allison on t.v. and as the mom in Juno. I LOVED her acting in this musical, but not her singing. The other stars in the show were Megan Hilty and Stephanie J. Block and they can sing and act very well. I really liked the entire show, and it was very close to the mega hit movie with the same name, but it is very PG-13. I would not take my teen to this show. That is sad, because if they changed two or three scenes only slightly, it would be a great family view.

Mama Mia. First let me say I never saw the movie. I know I may be about the only person left in America, or the world that hasn't seen it. The musical was very, very good.
Brandi Burkhardt led the musical playing Sophie and has a very special voice. But who really sold the show for me was
Gina Ferrall as Rosie. A great voice, a great actress and if I went back to New York I would find where she is acting and go see her.
Once again, there are some scenes that I would not take a teen to, very PG-13 and other than that, they had the audiance really into this show.

Chicago Chicago was good for me, great for others. I only watched half of the movie, and although I loved the actresses and actors in the broadway show, including great dancing, I don't like the story. The singing was great, the acting great. So if you like the story of Chicago, you will love this musical.

Next To Normal I really wanted to see this musical, and everyone that saw it said it is the best musical on Broadway right now, but it was sold out when we were there. Someday!

Avenue Q First, let me say that we saw the outside of the building when we walked by it, since it was right next to our hotel everyday. On the last night before we came home, we went to it. On the outside of the building it shows smiling actors with hand puppets, like on Seseme Street.
Ok, so I should have read up on it before I went. ALERT. If you don't have an adult sence of humor, DON'T SEE THIS. If you can handle adult humor, where they make fun of just about every living thing. YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW. So, did I like it, NO! I LOVED IT. Will most of my friends love it, about half would, and about half of them would be offended. It has won two Tony Awards, and let me tell you that the lead actress is amazing. A very stron supporting cast also.

Well that is the rundown. I would love to hear from you guys about these musicals. There are so many that we wanted to go see that we couldn't. Shrek The Musical has rave reviews also.


Michele Ashman Bell said...

I'm still laughing about the picture of you with the naked cowboy!

Okay, I'm so glad you posted these thoughts about these plays. I was wanting to see 9 to 5, but will pass. Too many others to see instead of it.

We are going to try for Billy Elliot, Westside Story, Guys and Dolls and Little Mermaid.

Shrek is awesome! I loved it.

I'll let you know about the shows as we see them this summer.

As for the puking at the top of buildings, I am right there on the nausea train with you. I looked down when I got to the top of the Empire State Building and had to cover my mouth before I blew chunks!

Doug Johnston said...

Michele, Billy Elliot won Ten Tony's last night! Wow.

Another one that is great if you like 80's music is Rock of Ages.

And when you get back, you better have a photo of you and the Naked Cowboy!

Bradley + Lisa said...

I saw Chicago the movie. It was OK, I guess. But I haven't seen the others-- including Mama Mia. So I guess you're not the only person in America not to see that!

Glad you were able to go. Sounds like fun!