Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have been gone for a little while because I have not had an internet connection. I am back now, and I also see I have 11 followers. All of them are women. That must mean all of my male friends are too good to read my ramblings.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I will blog about Father's Day.


David J. West said...

I gotta say I was doubtful of joining anyone's follwers list-it just sounded kinda weird to me-being a follower-but you are the publicist, so does it help to spread your face around? To tell the world about you? If so I'll join yours if you join mine-I did add you blog to my links quite awhile ago.

abel said...

It just means we're too manly to admit we read a blog whose audience is 80% women! :-)

Doug Johnston said...

Thanks David, and Abel, you are a funny, funny man.