Monday, March 24, 2008

Now I Better Write

Lisa linked to my blog, so I better start writing something. Lisa used to be my editor when I ran a newspaper. She has moved back east, and I have moved south. She is a great friend, and so is her husband Bradley.
So, here is a post to the blog that now, three people know about. If I keep writing, I am sure four will someday find out about it.
A little story about Lisa. She came into the newspaper office looking for a job one day, and I thought she was in Jr. High. I didn't realize that she was a college graduate.
So, I guess when the man mistakes me for a 60 year old, it is ok that I made Lisa 11 years younger than she was when I met her.


Bradley & Lisa said...

Yes, a youthful face is not ALWAYS a good problem to have.